Ultimate Krav Maga



ULTIMATE KRAV MAGA was created by two undisputed authorities in the field of KRAV MAGA: they are a former Israeli Special Forces N.C.O. - Yaron Hanover, and Guy Rafaeli- trainer for the ISRAELI INTELLIGENCE ELITE in the field of "EDGED WEAPON TACTICS". First they trained the Israeli Special Forces and the Israeli Intelligence Units and now they are willing to share and teach defense skills civilians can use to protect themselves. Combination of passion for marital arts, most effective self-defense techniques, respect, harmony of the body and soul and dedication to honor are the building blocks of ULTIMATE KRAV MAGA.

If you want to train with the best CRAFTSMAN – if you want to perfect your FIGHT skills in the spirit of mutual respect, high principles and harmony – our STEEL MILL is wide open, come in and take on the challenge.

The KRAV MAGA revolution just began! Join the KRAVOLUTION!

This is your chance at writing a new chapter in history. This is the first edition of the international CAMP Ultimate Krav Maga. The location of the camp is a dream come true for true warriors – we invite you to join us in spectacular, ancient Caesarea!





Tel Aviv


1000 euro

Euro 300 to be paid by September 7th, rest to be paid on the first day of the CAMP. Please forward proof of payment to ultimatecamp@ukravmaga.com.
ACCOUNT for down payment: IBAN IL 48 126 8000 0000 0409 408 SWIFT POALILIT Account holder: DR arms and trade "Poalim bank" Branch 680-kfar shmaryahu.

Any other questions please contact us at:
+972 522 202 808
+48 507 505 060
Ultimate Krav Maga Federation
10 Berlin str. Tel-Aviv, Israel

The price for Ultimate Camp includes:

  • all training sessions
  • lectures and the UKM final exam
  • accommodation and full board (three meals a day)
  • transfer from the airport in Tell Aviv and back

approximate price for flights to Tell Aviv from European airports – Euro 250

Ultimate camp

  • a way to train in real life modern self-defense tactics
  • Aggressive, “no-rules” fighting techniques
  • edged weapon tactics
  • Combat Fitness
  • Mental training aimed at growing inner strength and improving self-awareness thereby making the participant mores self-assured and assertive
  • survival stress reaction
  • special training session in the Negev desert
  • lectures on tactics, psychology and motivation

ULTIMATE CAMP includes one day of relaxation while visiting Israel’s top sites.

ULTIMATE CAMP will be conducted by ULTIMATE KRAV MAGA founders: GM Yaron Hanover oraz GM Guy Rafaeli and lecturers from the prestigious Wingate Academy, operators from Special Elite Unit as well as European experts, among them M Marcin Michalik- Lipka


+972 522 202 808

+48 507 505 060



Ultimate Krav Maga Federation
10 Berlin str. Tel-Aviv, Israel